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Grateful Heart GONG Meditation


Center For Healing Arts & Massage
Spirit Forge Professional Complex, 38245 Mound Road, Building E 48310 Sterling Heights United States

Join us for a magical evening of 2 sound healing GONG sets that wrap around our LIVE & NEW spoken word GRATEFUL HEART Meditation leading to a Social Hour with Hot Tea, Snacks & integration.

Our highly trained and dedicated team led by Healer & Psychotherapist Vince Anthony Pitre holds space and offers you:

an experiential journey into your own inner landscape wherein you will be supported to release that which no longer serves you and by the end of our experience together be given many different tools and opportunities to let in what you really want and take that home with you for your life.


Explore ENERGY
HEAL old stories
Have FUN with like minded people
Open your heart to LOVE
Let go & RELAX
Become ONE


A BILLION thanks to YOU for creating a wonderful place to meditate!!!! Cathy Rauckis

Vince definitely puts together a unique function for people to gather and grow. I've attended multiple times, enjoy Vince and the company he keeps! Mike Miller, Real Estate & Psychic Reader

Thank you Vince Anthony Pitre for putting together an amazing event! I am new to Abundance GONG Meditation and have honestly never experienced such calm and relaxation as I did during the 3 hours I spent with you
last night. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us. I look forward to attending in August and many other times in the future. Tiffany Stano, School Teacher

I'm energized, refocused and excited for tomorrow like i always am after these sessions.
Sara Young, Athlete

Hi Vince!
Just want to let you know how much Don Kinner and I enjoy the gong meditations and hope you do them again when you return.
We wish you the best in Peru. Thanks again,
Pat Schneider

Hey my friends in the States... my friend Vince Anthony Pitre is hosting a cacao and gong bath ceremony! I am in Peru, and have done several cacao ceremonies... and can attest to how heart opening it is. And I have done gong baths regularly. The two combined I am sure is a beautiful, beautiful vibration raising experience. If I was in the States I would be going. Michigan is not that far from Chicago- it would be a beautiful gift for yourself. Please consider it. Jennifer Shin, Yoga Teacher, Cranio-Sacral Therapist

The abundance gong meditation was a wonderful relaxing experience. By the end of the meditation, I felt totally relaxed. My body and mind were spinning and I felt at ease. Being in a room full of people who also enjoyed this experience made it feel like a community. Some were new, others were repeats, and both made each other feel comfortable. It was a great experience that I would gladly refer others to and experience again myself. Tim Gay, Musician

Thank you so much for putting on these AMAZING gong meditations. I felt deep peace and bliss that lasted for days after the last one. It was very healing and a beautiful experience to share. Thanks!!!
Preya Shah, Physical Therapist & Theta Healer

I am still absolutely glowing from this! grin emoticon Thank you again Vince for your strong and beautifully orchestrated guidance in healing. Aaron Phoenix Wright

I absolutely recommend Vince Anthony Pitre’s Gong Meditation (Center For The Healing Arts), I experienced yesterday evening, it was amazing. Can’t wait to go again!

Kristen Dunn, Financial Advisor


We'll employ multiple GONGS for this part of your experience which creates unlimited possibilities ranging from a peaceful journey, spontaneous meditation and/or profound healing.


☉ enter deep relaxation and surrender to a spontaneous meditative state

☉ reduce stress related issues: anxiety, depression, fatigue, anger, hostility, fear and loneliness

☉ repair your nervous system (including damages of alcohol & drugs)

☉ balance your energy, raise your vibration and experience higher consciousness

☉ clear your subconscious mind and release yourself from the torrent of thoughts

☉ cleanse your doors of perception and accelerate your intuitive sensitivity and visualization


☉ release your self from limiting beliefs, past negative situations and conditions

☉ improve your enthusiam and behaviors to go for more in life

☉ increase your feelings of self-worth, self-respect, unconditional self-love and acceptance

☉ get clear and take action toward manifesting your dreams and desires


Please bring: A sleeping bag or yoga mat/blanket Pillow Journal Bottle of water Dress Comfortably & Colorfully

PS: Abundance GONG Meditation CD's and Sacred Scent Spray will be available at the event for $20

Click here for tickets: http://bit.ly/2e8xsUh