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How About Going Into The Real Dragon's Den? A Beyond Reiki Attunement, Training & Healing Experience


Center For Healing Arts & Massage
Spirit Forge Professional Complex, 38245 Mound Road, Building E 48310 Sterling Heights United States
This experience is a Two-In-One experience that will be led by Dr. Colleen Hemstreet from Gaylord Michigan & Vince Anthony Pitre.

Dr. Hemstreet is a Chiropractic Physician, Shaman, Massage Therapist, & BEST Practitioner with multiple attunements & initiations. In over 18 years of practice, she's helped thousands of people individually and in groups to emerge to a higher level of living in all ways and beyond. She lives very close to nature in the Gaylord area with her partner Luke and their fur pets.

Vince Anthony Pitre is Licensed Psychotherapist & Healer who just celebrated 9 years in private practice. Prior to starting his private practice in Sterling Heights, he worked in addiction & mental health clinics for 11 years. He's helped thousands of people to break unwanted habits, cleanse energetically and to embrace the healing power of love. He's just returned from nearly a month in the Amazon where he added to his training & experience with indigenous shamanic healing, sound healing & natural plant medicines.

This upcoming experience is a beyond Reiki Attunement, Training & Healing Experience.


Face Your Fears & Heal Your Shadows

Connect with your dragon guide consciously (so that you can be fierce when you need to & fun when you choose to)

Remember yourself as the creator in your life (allowing you're working with the cosmic energies & earth elemental energies to get a whole lot easier)

Get the teachings, gifts and guidance of the I AM presence (Dragons teach you how to do that)

Discover 1 to 7 Dragons. They're all different colors and bring different blessings. One loves to control the weather. If you're a healer, healing dragons (have your back) and are your best friend and confidant

Help you remember who you are and what you think you’re capable of (and way beyond)

Keep your energy clean & protect it

Receive transmission on how to safely release negative entities (If you are far enough along the shamanic path)

Supercharge your reiki and any other system or healing you're using with your patients/clients (blow the doors off what your currently doing)

Here's how the day & evening will flow:

DAYTIME SESSION (8:30 am ~ 4:30 pm)
One-One Reiki sessions & personal attention
Group Attunement

Integration, Sleep & Taking Nourishment

NIGHTIME SESSION (6:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm)

Spoken Word Meditation
Sacred Cacao Medicine Ceremony
Sound Healing Gongs & Integration

This training is most suited for advanced practice Health Professionals who are looking for their next step in healing & training and/or anyone who is sincerely walking their talk
and who appreciates that it takes both positives and negatives to
turn the lights on.

Pre-Sale $167 before May 18th
$187 after May 18th

Limited to 6 people to maximize potency

or reach Vince Anthony Pitre at 248-520-7131
today to register by phone